Tiling Tips

Tiling Tips

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, tile is a functional and decorative way to add a little character to any room in your home. Spice up your living space with the following tips:

Test it first: Before you begin a tiling project, ask your supplier for a few sample tiles to take home. You may be surprised by how a given color, pattern, or style works in a particular room.

Consider going bold: A powerful pattern of alternating colors, such as dark grey tiles next to bright white tiles, can make a strong statement in the right room. Large format tiles can make a room look larger, and you can use decorative designs to help certain areas of your home stand out.

Arrange with style: The standard, square grid arrangement can work well in many settings, but you can arrange tiles at varying angles to create more interesting patterns, like herringbone, brick, basket weave, and more. You can also add borders and mix different sizes, shapes, and styles to create a unique look. Experiment with different layouts at your local showroom before laying tile to see what works for you!

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