Tips for Clutter-free Living

Organizing Dresser

Does it feel like you never have enough space for things in your home? Are you driving yourself crazy watching the clutter pile up? The following tips may help preserve your sanity and live a more clutter-free life:

  • Make it a habit to designate a place for any new items and put them away immediately. Otherwise, they might sit in a box or bag for months!

  • Try to enforce a one in, one out policy for any new items. Don’t bring in something new unless you’re willing to take something else out to make room.

  • Sort recyclables, such as discarded paper, shipping boxes, food cartons, etc. Set them aside to take to a recycling center, or put them in your household recycle bin.

  • Carve out a good chunk of time each month to go through your most cluttered spaces—entryways, junk drawers, closets, etc.—to organize and remove any excess stuff. As you’re organizing, ask yourself if the items you find are worth keeping. If an item is old, broken, or you haven’t seen or used it in months, get rid of it.

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