When the Going Gets Rough: Emergency Service for Plan Holders

Home Warranty Emergency

Sometimes a system or appliance failure is more than a mere inconvenience. When an electrical failure threatens a home occupant’s health or safety by interfering with health care support, for example, the situation becomes infinitely more urgent.

At times like this, we switch into emergency mode at Old Republic Home Protection, doing whatever we can to expedite the service request.

Our Home Warranty Plan defines an emergency as a service issue resulting in:

  • No electricity, gas, water, or toilet facilities to the entire home;

  • A condition that immediately endangers health and safety;

  • A condition that interferes with health care support of occupants; and/or

  • A system malfunction that is causing ongoing damage to the home.

In cases of EMERGENCY, we will make reasonable efforts to expedite service, including initiating service within 24 hours. Other conditions may, at our discretion, be considered an emergency. Please see our Plan for complete coverage details.

When the going gets rough, Old Republic Home Protection gets going—to keep your clients healthy, happy, and safe!

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