5 Ways to Build a Consistent Real Estate Business


The long sales cycle and the complex nature of real estate transactions require trust—and trust isn’t established overnight. Building a thriving real estate business means connecting with the right prospects, offering something of real value, and continually reminding them that you’re their local resource on neighborhoods, property value, and more! Use the following tips to help you build and maintain your real estate business.

Connect with Connectors: Real estate coach Michael J. Maher stresses the value of connecting with connectors—those people who, by sheer force of personality, have legions of friends and mountains of influence. Before attending a networking event, Maher recommends talking to the organizer and asking them to identify a few of the most respected people in the group. Since people trust these charismatic folks, connectors are your gateway to networking and referral business.

Offer Value: Of course, shaking hands isn’t enough to leave a great first impression, and neither is a quick plug for your services. When you put the sales pitch aside and go into every new encounter with the intention of helping people, they are far more likely to reward your generosity. If they’re homeowners, they have a vested interest in the local market, so figure out what they want to know and prepare.

Let the conversation flow naturally, ask the right leading questions, and offer to pass any helpful information along. For example, if they’re curious about their own home’s value, offer a free Competitive Market Analysis. If they want to know more about overall market trends, offer to forward them the latest article you read on the topic. This builds trust and allows you to position yourself as a real estate expert.

Manage Your Leads: Client Relationship Management (CRM) software is great for managing your contacts. A good CRM helps you segment your leads, manage email campaigns, keep notes on every contact, and more. Two of the most popular CRMs for real estate pros are Top Producer® and Market Leader. You have a wide range of options that vary significantly in price, so do your homework, and choose the one that matches your needs and your budget.

Make Regular Contact: Regular contact is essential for building trust (not to mention simply reminding people that you exist), and different types of contact are required for different prospects. Hot leads, for example, demand quick follow-up and personalized communication. Past clients, on the other hand, might benefit from a monthly newsletter. Get Between Friends, ORHP’s free and customizable newsletter, accessible from your complimentary Toolbox account.

Ask for Referrals: Always remember to ask for referrals at the end of a good conversation, and consider including a request for referrals in the tagline of your marketing emails. It may seem repetitive, but that’s how marketing works. Consistently reminding your clients you’re here to help their friends, family, and colleagues is essential to building a thriving business.