Which Client Relationship Management (CRM) System is Right for You?


As a real estate professional, you’re not just a salesperson. You’re the CEO of your own small business, and you’re also the head of Marketing, Operations, Business Development, and every other department!

How can you keep it all straight and effectively grow your business?

Get organized with a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system

A CRM system is a tool that helps businesses organize information about their clients. It doesn’t necessarily involve complex, high-tech solutions—in theory, it can consist of a simple, well-organized electronic filing system and a few Excel spreadsheets.

However, most effective CRM systems involve cloud-based software accessible from your laptop or other mobile devices. There are many off-the-shelf solutions that work well for real estate professionals and allow them to keep track of any relevant information they’ve gathered on past, current, and prospective clients.

Choose the best CRM for your business needs

Choosing the right CRM platform may be difficult, as there are literally hundreds of possibilities. First, you’ll want to choose a CRM that you can access from your computer and mobile devices, since you spend so much time on the go.

Fortunately, many platforms offer a risk-free trial version, so you can experiment before you take the plunge. Check out the following systems, all designed for real estate professionals!

Top Producer® real estate CRM

Top Producer was specifically designed for real estate professionals and allows you to streamline your notetaking and synchronize your contacts in Outlook and Google.

Top Producer’s ability to aggregate leads from Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, and other real estate sites lets you easily access them in a single location. Create customized email templates, newsletters, and action plans to nurture your sales pipeline.

Plans start at $45 per month (at time of publication). Discounts are available for teams and brokers.

Market Leader for agents, teams, and brokerages

Market Leader Professional is an easy-to-use CRM with robust features designed with real estate agents in mind.

Like Top Producer, Market Leader can organize leads from major real estate websites and automatically populate your database with those contacts. You can also track your contacts via analytics that show you when a contact visits your website, which properties they viewed, etc. Follow up fast, wherever you are, with automated text and email alerts.

Market Leader’s CRM is available in a variety of their solutions, including Market Leader Professional™, Business Suite™, and Pro for Teams. Access to Market Leader’s system starts at $129 per month (at time of publication), but pricing varies depending on the number of leads.

Follow Up Boss sales acceleration platform

Follow Up Boss was built for real estate teams, and many of its features are designed for team efficiency.

Follow Up Boss can assign leads to specific agents, so that team members can keep track of their own contacts. This CRM allows you to automatically send a personalized text and email to the lead as soon as they make contact. Actions are tracked within the CRM dashboard, so team leaders can monitor and manage agent follow-up.

Plans start at $69 per month with two months free if billed annually (at time of publication).

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