End-of-Summer Home Maintenance for Speedy Sales


Summer’s drawing to a close; are your home sellers ready? Encourage your clients to take advantage of the warm weather and longer days by tackling some end-of-summer home maintenance projects before their home hits the market.

  • Patch and pressure wash concrete – Cracked, dirty concrete can dampen the mood at an open house, but your client’s backyard patio could look like new again with a little TLC. Broken concrete can be easily repaired with epoxy, and home sellers can rent a pressure washer at their local hardware store.

  • Apply a fresh coat of outdoor paint – A new paint job can enhance the curb appeal of any home. If your clients don’t have the time or budget to paint the whole house, touching up the rough, worn areas (or even just the front door) can make a noticeable difference!

  • Update the landscaping – REALTORS® know potential buyers form an emotional attachment to a home in the first few minutes of a showing, and landscaping is a huge part of that first impression. Plants and grasses grow fast during the summer, so remind your clients to pull weeds, trim hedges, and mow the lawn regularly.

  • Obtain a pre-sale home inspection – Help your home sellers avoid stress and additional costs by recommending they hire a home inspector before putting their home up for sale. A thorough home inspection will make you and your clients aware of any issues that should be addressed before entering into negotiations with buyers.

  • Include home warranty coverage – Systems and appliances eventually break down no matter how well a home is maintained. Remind your sellers that a home warranty can provide them with budget protection and peace of mind if something goes wrong during the listing and selling periods. Plus, including a home warranty in your listings is attractive to buyers and may help the home sell faster and at top market value!

Some of these projects are easy for home sellers to DIY, but others will require expert assistance. Be sure to provide your clients with your list of recommended vendors to help them get their home in ready-to-sell shape!

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