Getting Personal on Social Media: How to Strike a Balance between All-Business Bore and Shameless Oversharer

Social Media Marketing

Is it possible to be too focused on real estate in your social media marketing efforts? As a real estate professional, your clients and prospects want to know a little about your personal life.

After all, your personal brand is rooted in trust and kinship, and if you’re all business, all the time, you may be missing an opportunity to connect on a personal level.

Use your social media channels to share a bit of your humanity with your audience

If you’re at a loss, begin by making a list of your passions. Many people place their family at the top of that list, and that’s a great place to start.

Did your daughter recently graduate from college? Share your pride with your community! Everyone loves a cap and gown photo, and even though these milestones don’t directly relate to real estate transactions, they have everything to do with the idea of real estate.

Remember, you aren’t just selling property—you’re opening doors to a hopeful future. Real estate is about building strong communities and happy families.

When you post your joyful experiences, you show your friends and followers that you share their dreams as well… that you’re one of them!

Share your interests to connect with your clients

Share pictures of yourself engaged in your hobbies, clubs, or service organizations—and tag your friends in the photos (assuming you have their permission and that they don’t mind the exposure)!

You can also post human-interest stories from a local news source. These articles are rarely controversial, and they can humanize your business.

Alternate between professional and personal content

Like everything in life, getting personal in social media marketing campaigns is all about balance. Potential buyers and sellers do want to know that you’re serious about real estate, and a page that’s all personal is no more effective than a page that’s all business.

Try to alternate between personal and professional posts. You could post a story about your most recent clients celebrating closing on their new home, a video giving a tour of current listings, a photo of a birthday party you threw for a family member, or links to home tips or industry/market news.

Whether you’re 60% personal and 40% business or the other way around is entirely up to you—just find a good balance. And remember to let your personality shine through!

Analyze and adapt your social media strategy

The wonderful thing about social media is that you instantly know what works by the number of likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc. You can adjust your posts according to their popularity, but never give up entirely on business-related posts.

Just because a listing video gets fewer comments than baby pics doesn’t mean the video isn’t important. Listing photos and videos will appeal to anyone thinking about buying or selling a home, and the current owners of the home you’re featuring in your social channels will appreciate the exposure.

Business and personal posts go hand in hand when building an effective social media campaign, and both can help you thrive in today’s tech-driven market.


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