In Case of Emergency: How Your Home Warranty Responds

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Sometimes emergencies happen. And when they do, Old Republic Home Protection (ORHP) is here to help!

Under non-emergency circumstances, we initiate our service effort within 48 hours. In cases of emergency, ORHP makes reasonable efforts to expedite service, including initiating our service effort within 24 hours. We call this priority service.

Our goal is to keep emergency situations from escalating and help our home warranty plan holders quickly return to normalcy.

What is considered an emergency?

We consider a service request an emergency if the covered system or appliance malfunction causes any of the following circumstances:

  1. No electricity, gas, water or toilet facilities to the entire home.

  2. A condition that immediately endangers health and safety.

  3. A condition that interferes with healthcare support of occupants.

  4. A system malfunction that is causing ongoing damage to the home.

Other conditions may, at our discretion, be considered an emergency. We handle those situations on a case-by-case basis.

For all priority service requests, we make our best effort to expedite service. After 5:00 PM Pacific time during the week or any time on weekends, service availability may not be confirmed until the following business day.

We’re here for you

When emergency situations arise, we spring into action.

If you have a covered system or appliance malfunction that meets the priority service criteria above, login to your Homeowner Central account to place a priority service request. You may also call us at 800.972.5985 and inform the representative that your service request is an emergency. We’ll confirm that your service request meets the requirements and dispatch priority service.

Please see your Declaration of Coverage for complete coverage, exclusions, and limitations.

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