It failed again! What's next?

Contractors coming back to finish the job.

You placed a service request, Old Republic Home Protection (ORHP) dispatched a service provider, and your system or appliance is fixed! Then, a few weeks later, the same system or appliance fails again. What happens now? Do you need to shell out another trade call fee to complete the additional repairs?

30-day Service Guarantee

In most cases, no! Our home warranty plan states, “service work is guaranteed for 30 days,” which means:

If ORHP dispatches a service provider to complete a covered repair or replacement on a system or appliance, and the same system or appliance fails again within 30 days, we’ll send the contractor back to complete the new repairs—no second trade call fee due!* We refer to this as a recall. On a recall, the first trade call fee paid covers any necessary work to the same system or appliance within 30 days of the last service.

What if the system or appliance fails again, but the failure is caused by a completely different component?

We’ll still dispatch the service provider back to complete the repair or replacement—and without another trade call fee!* For example, an HVAC compressor fails, and we cover to repair or replace the component. Twenty-nine days later, the HVAC evaporator coil fails due to normal wear and use. The homeowner can place another service request with no additional trade call fee due!

But don’t some home warranties have a 60-day Service Guarantee?

Yes! But be cautious… Many home warranties only guarantee service on the same exact breakdown. In the HVAC example provided above, most home warranty companies require the homeowner to pay another trade call fee because two different components failed on the same system, even within the service guarantee window.

If a service provider repairs or replaces a component in a system or appliance, there is only a small chance it will break again a short time later, but another component within that system could easily break the next day! Keep the extra trade call fee in your wallet with Old Republic Home Protection’s top-notch, 30-day service guarantee!

*Some not-covered costs may be required to complete the covered repair or replacement. Terms and conditions apply. See your current state plan for complete coverage details, including service fees, limitations, and exclusions. Charges for non-covered items may apply.


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