Jazz Up Your Holiday Marketing Plan

Apple Cider

Creating a unique and engaging real estate marketing strategy is no easy feat, especially when you spend a lot of your time following up with leads and meeting with clients. And it’s even more challenging during the holiday hustle and bustle! Use the following tips to take advantage of the holiday spirit and add a little pizzazz to your marketing plan.

1) Collect winter home maintenance tips to share with your clients. Create a short list of the best ones and schedule a drip campaign to send them via email, blog post, social media, etc. Some ideas include gutter cleaning, preparing your furnace and heating system for cold weather, tips to keep pipes from freezing, or suggestions for safe holiday decorating. When collecting your tips, always ensure the information is relevant and valuable to your clients.

2) Tailor your social media marketing campaigns to take advantage of the season. Share your own holiday traditions on all your social media accounts to nurture that personal connection you’ve made with your clients. Invite your clients to participate by hosting a contest. Ask your followers to share their best holiday-themed photos—the one with the most likes wins a special prize. A Starbucks gift card or themed basket from a local shop are always appreciated!

3) Focus on giving back and ask your sphere of influence for charitable donations to local causes. You could adopt a family, host a food drive, sponsor a shelter animal, or partner with a local charity organization to collect gifts for those less fortunate. Check with your city’s community services department for additional ways to help.

4) Get involved in themed community activities. Volunteer as a judge for local costume or baking contests, serve hot cocoa or cider at your neighborhood tree-lighting ceremony, or host gingerbread house decorating parties with fun prizes. Pro tip: a gingerbread house decorating party offers a delicious opportunity to share your expertise on the current housing market!

Whatever you decide to do to enhance your marketing plan this holiday season, make sure you’re providing your clients with high-value content and experiences. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. After all, it’s the thought that counts. So, don’t stress and have fun!

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