Proven Prospecting Strategies for the Modern Agent

Strategic PlanIt’s 2018 and prospecting has evolved far beyond simply cold calling. Below are some tried and true lead generation tips for new and seasoned real estate agents.

Provide assistance to your current clients. Your clients already think you’re great, but you can always find additional ways to help them. Offer something of value to keep your name top of mind and earn more referrals. You might provide hyperlocal neighborhood knowledge, a designation or specialty that’s rare among your competition, or even blog articles or a newsletter with relevant information for homeowners. Whatever you choose to do, keep that line of communication open. The more you help your current clients, the more likely they’ll refer their friends and family to you!

Leverage your sphere of influence. Take some time to go through your current contacts list and make sure it’s up to date. Reorganize your networks, if needed, and reach out to contacts with whom you may not have spoken to in a while. If you’ve been sending emails lately, shake it up a bit—pick a category within your sphere (say, people you’ve met at PTA meetings) and call or text every member. Remind them that you’re available to answer any questions they may have about real estate and ask for referrals.

Don’t discount FSBOs and expired listings. Whenever a FSBO or expired listing pops up in your area, contact them! For FSBO clients, create a presentation outlining how an agent-listed property might outperform a property listed by the owners. Another option is to give them a package containing all of the documents and tools a homeowner might need to sell their home. Make sure the package clearly features your name and contact information, and include a note stating that you’ve included everything they’ll need to sell their home, and you’d be happy to help if the homeowner decides to list with an agent after all. For clients with an expired listing, offer them a new approach to selling their home (and, likely, a more realistic selling price!). Don’t overdo it on the sales pitch—keep conversations light, personable, and friendly. And always follow up on these prospective leads via phone call, text, email, or even in person.

Meet the neighbors. Use just listed/just sold cards to your advantage around your local community. Whenever possible, hand people the cards in person and talk to them about your recent sale or listing—you’ll make a better, more memorable connection compared to leaving a flyer on the door or in the mailbox.

Prospecting is all about making the right connections. It’s a little scary to reach out to people you don’t know personally or to reestablish connection with lost contacts. But taking that step is a great way to convert leads to home buyers or sellers. 

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