Straight Talk about Coverage: Normal Wear and Use

Dishwasher300x200.jpgWhat do we mean when we say that a home warranty covers systems and appliances that become inoperable due to “normal wear and use?”

Just as your car’s engine won’t run forever, everyday use takes its toll on home systems and appliances as well. A home warranty is designed to cover those items that become inoperable due to normal wear and use (including rust, corrosion, and chemical or sediment buildup), but it does NOT cover accidents or similar abnormal events, such as when a child uses a dishwasher door as a stepping stool to reach for a cereal box.

It’s important to help your clients understand how a home warranty works when they purchase coverage, and we’ve created two flyers to help educate them. 

Buyer's Benefits Flyer

Seller’s Benefits Flyer

Just print the flyers and hand them to your buyers or sellers!