System or Appliance Under Manufacturer’s Warranty – Is it Covered?

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Some plan holders may have newer home systems or appliances covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. How does Old Republic Home Protection provide home warranty coverage in those circumstances?

Essential, Standard, and Ultimate Protection

Per the home warranty plans, we do not cover “any costs related to the repair or replacement of systems, appliances, or components covered, in whole or in part, by an existing manufacturer/distributor or other warranty.”

Thus, Old Republic Home Protection does not cover the parts or labor costs associated with any system or appliance under an existing manufacturer’s warranty for Essential, Standard, or Ultimate Protection plan holders.

Platinum Protection and New Construction

Plan holders who purchased a Platinum Protection Plan or a 4-year New Construction Plan receive coverage for labor and other specified costs for covered repairs/replacements, but not for equipment or component costs covered by an existing manufacturer’s warranty.

Once the service provider diagnoses the issue and confirms coverage, and the plan holder obtains the necessary replacement equipment or components from the manufacturer, we’ll cover the labor and other necessary costs according to the terms and conditions of our plan.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Expired or Void

If a system or appliance had a manufacturer’s warranty, but the warranty is now void and/or expired, we provide coverage for the system or appliance according to the terms and conditions of the plan.

Some manufacturer’s warranties require a transfer of the warranty should ownership change. For example, plan holder Becky purchases a house, and her washing machine has three years left on the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the manufacturer requires the previous owners to transfer the warranty to Becky’s name. The previous owners forgot, so Becky’s warranty is now void. In the event of a malfunction, we’d provide coverage for Becky’s washing machine according to the terms and conditions of the plan.

Components Failed within a System Under Manufacturer’s Warranty

Should a component fail within a system that’s covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but the specific component is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we’d provide repair/replacement coverage for the component under the terms and conditions of the plan.

For example, plan holder Becky’s HVAC unit has a valid manufacturer’s warranty, but that warranty excludes the compressor. If her compressor fails, Old Republic Home Protection would provide coverage per the terms and conditions of the plan.

Manufacturer’s Recalls

We will not repair or replace a covered system, appliance, or component for which a manufacturer issued a warning, recall, or other design flaw or determination of defect, even with a Platinum Protection Plan or a 4-year New Construction Plan.

Understanding Your Home Warranty Plan

Home warranties are designed to offset many expenses associated with a covered system or appliance repair. Having a better understanding of what we do and do not cover will help you get the most out of your home warranty plan.

Be sure to review your state’s plan brochure for complete coverage details.

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