What Does Normal Wear and Use Mean?

Unloading Dishwasher

Homeowners use a variety of household systems and appliances every day, particularly their plumbing and electrical systems. Over time, these items deteriorate naturally with normal use or aging—people often refer to this as “wear and tear.”

What do home warranties mean by normal wear and use?

A home warranty covers systems and appliances that become inoperable due to “normal wear and use.” Just as your car’s engine won’t run forever, everyday use takes its toll on home systems and appliances.

A home warranty is designed to cover those items that become inoperable due to normal wear and use (including rust, corrosion, and chemical or sediment buildup).

A home warranty does NOT cover accidents or similar abnormal events, such as when a child’s toy goes for a swim and clogs the toilet drain.

Failure due to normal wear and use is not the same thing as failure due to damage or abuse.

Talk to your real estate clients about what a home warranty covers

It’s important that your clients understand how a home warranty works when they purchase coverage, and we’ve created tools to help you educate them!

Encourage your clients to hire a home inspector to ensure the home system and appliances are in good working order before the sale closes. Coupled with a home warranty, a home inspection may help protect you and your clients from liability.

Contact your local account executive with any questions you may have about normal wear and use, or any other home warranty inquiries. We’re always ready to help!

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