Work Hard, Play Hard: Achieving Work-Life Balance

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Real estate is a 24/7 business, and some agents don't have days off. There are probably times when it feels like you don't set your schedule—your clients do! And in those cases, they expect you to be available whenever they need you.

In general, real estate agents are goal-minded people, but that entrepreneurial mindset can make it difficult to balance work and family life.

Impressive sales figures and career milestones are admirable goals, but don't let them be your only sources of happiness and fulfillment in life! 

If you feel your days have gotten a little heavy on the work side of the work-life balance scale, try implementing the following solutions.

Set boundaries for your time and attention

While it's true that many real estate agents make themselves available to their clients 24/7, you have to make time for yourself and your loved ones, too.

Communicate your "office" hours to your clients and stick to them, even if you work from home! And remember to take brain breaks throughout the day while you're working.

Set aside a day to spend with your favorite people regularly. On that day, treat those people like they are your VIP clients: drop everything, give them your undivided attention, and just enjoy your time away from work obligations. 

Make plans in advance

Avoid the frustration of canceling plans at the last minute by setting your schedule far in advance. Your friends and family with typical desk jobs probably don't understand what it's like to be constantly on the clock, ready to answer the phone at any moment.

Ask your social circle for advance notice when planning events to give you time to set your schedule. Explain that your lack of spontaneity comes with the job and your calendar fills up quickly.

Use a calendar app to organize both your social and business schedule to avoid double-booking events.  

Delegate tasks with a time management system

Hard workers are notoriously bad at delegating. But trying to take everything on by yourself can be a huge time-waster, not to mention the negative effect it can have on your well-being!

If you enjoy doing business as a one-person operation, consider hiring an administrative assistant or check out virtual assistant service packages to help you maximize your time.

If you're not opposed to expanding into a business partnership, look into teaming up with other successful real estate agents in your area.

Don't underestimate the power of work-life balance

As the saying goes, you can always make more money, but you can't make more time. Learning to prioritize your career aspirations with your personal life can set you up to be a happier agent and a happier person.

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