Top Apps for Hosting the Best Open House


Hosting an open house offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, capture new leads, and engage potential new clients. But open houses require doing a lot of work in a short amount of time, which can make the day a little chaotic. The following open house apps can help you get prepared and stay organized at your next event.

Open Home Pro® (iOS and Android) – This tablet-only app can help you manage your open house with an easy-to-use digital sign-in sheet. Create customizable questions to capture particular information from different audiences. For instance, you can create agent-specific questions when hosting a broker tour and then switch to home buyer-specific questions for the open house. Personalize the experience by adding notes and comments as you walk potential buyers through the home and set up automatic follow-up emails to capture more leads. If a potential buyer responds to the follow-up email, their additional information, questions, or comments are sent to you directly. Open Home Pro® prioritizes your leads, starting with contacts who don’t have an agent or are currently selling their home. Download the app for free basic features (sign-in sheet with customizable questions, visitor notes, shareable property websites, and lead exporting), or get Open Home Pro® Premium starting at $20/month billed annually.

Open House Toolkit (Android) – This tablet-only app was created by a broker with agents in mind. Engage your open house attendees right from the start with a customized registration photo slideshow instead of the usual sign-in form. Add customizable questions to learn more about your visitors. Lead analysis is built into the app, so you can easily run reports on attendees and export them or send them to brokers, team leaders/members, etc. Keep everything organized in your dashboard and add your information offline—no internet connection required! The app saves all your information and syncs it once you’re connected to WiFi. Download Open House Toolkit for $0.99.