5 Awesome Apps to Help Grow Your Real Estate Business in 2022

Smartphone Apps

These days, the app competition is fierce, and deciding which apps deserve a spot on your phone or tablet’s home screen is tough! That’s why we’ve curated a list of some awesome apps to help you grow your business this year and beyond.

Graphic Design: Canva

Create eye-catching Instagram posts and stories, ads, flyers, infographics, presentations, and more with Canva.

Canva’s design templates are intuitive and easy to use—just pick the one you like and make it your own! Most templates are free to customize without a subscription.

Social Media Management: Buffer

Buffer helps you market your business on social media without the hassle.

Plan marketing campaigns, schedule and publish content, analyze engagement, and connect with your followers using Buffer’s full toolkit. Or use their free plan to schedule posts on up to three social channels.

Video Messaging: BombBomb

Step up your communication game with video messaging from BombBomb.

Make your texts and emails more engaging by recording personalized videos for your clients—no fancy cameras, lighting, or software required! Simply record your video using your computer or smartphone and send the link to share with anyone you choose.

BombBomb also lets you track who played your video and when, so you can follow up on hot leads.

Productivity: Trello

Get organized and get more done with Trello, an easy-to-use productivity tool for your personal and business needs.

Trello offers individuals and teams customizable templates and features to help with organizing tasks, setting goals, managing projects, and more!

Calendar: Calendly

Face it, you’re busy! Calendly helps you manage your time by offering an easy and professional way to schedule meetings with clients.

Set your availability preferences to only offer times that work for you. Then, create a link to your calendar and send it to invitees or embed it on your website.

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