Is Direct Mail the Key to Real Estate Success?

Woman looking at mail in mailbox

Have you reached the bottom of your digital marketing well? If you’re looking for a new strategy to help you capture more warm real estate leads, you may want to try a direct mail campaign.

That’s right! Direct mail is alive and kicking, especially in the real estate industry. It’s scalable, it can be automated and integrated with existing digital marketing strategies, and it’s often an affordable way to enhance your marketing plan.

Use digital data for personalized, relevant direct mail campaigns

Direct mail might be a low-tech strategy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the data you’ve collected digitally to your advantage! Combining your online and offline customer data helps you identify niche markets and segment your campaigns to create personalized messaging that’s relevant to your target audience.

An Infosys study of consumer behavior reports that personalization impacts 86% of consumers’ purchasing decisions. Direct mail campaigns are personalized by nature; adding even more personalization beyond the recipient’s name—like data you gather when a lead visits your website or engages with your content on social media—could turn a warm lead into a new client.

Using variable data printing, you can pull in dynamic information like names, headlines, calls to action, images, QR codes, and more to create a one-of-a-kind piece of mail for each lead in your database.

Create a direct mail workflow to engage your audience

It’s easy to create and send a single mailpiece to your database, but successful real estate marketing campaigns rely on multi-touch, personalized outreach. Building a workflow that includes multiple mailers to engage your target audience is easier than you might think!

Many client relationship management (CRM) systems have built-in tools or integrations for managing direct mail campaigns. For example, HubSpot’s CRM includes a Postalytics integration to automate direct mail campaigns and coordinate them with digital marketing workflows managed within the platform. And LionDesk has built-in direct mail management tools to create and schedule snail mail marketing pieces.

Build name recognition at a low upfront cost

Direct mail campaigns are excellent for getting your name in front of many potential clients and filling your funnel with leads. Direct mail offers a high return on investment (ROI) for a relatively low upfront cost.

Sure, email and social media marketing are cheap, easy ways to reach a huge audience. But digital fatigue is a real problem!

According to the Data and Marketing Association, 96% of consumers engaged with direct mail in 2020. The average open rate for email across industries is just over 21%.

Direct mail campaigns have a 29% median ROI, which is almost equal to social media at 30%.

High engagement with direct mail not only helps potential clients remember your name, but also increases engagement with your brand online. And that online engagement could open the door to more lead conversions and referrals from happy clients.

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