Top 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents: Manage Your Business in Real-time

Smartphone Apps

How did we get anything done before cell phones were invented? Today, many real estate agents use their mobile devices for everything from communication to research to facilitating real estate business.

Real estate apps have transformed the way agents and brokers operate. Many apps for real estate agents provide easy access to data, generate leads, store client contacts, help agents list properties, and even manage financial transactions.

What Platforms Do REALTORS® Use?

There are dozens of apps for real estate agents, so choosing the best software may feel overwhelming. To help reduce the clutter, we’ve listed some of the most popular real estate apps to show the features they offer.                                                                                      

Best Real Estate Apps for Lead Generation

Homesnap Pro+

Homesnap Pro+ provides real estate agents with exclusive listing details while also allowing them to communicate with colleagues and clients. This app helps agents schedule showings, view property lines, and set a safety timer.


This real estate app can help agents generate leads, organize client records, and manage sales. Users can communicate easier with email and text message templates and might earn extra commission in Keap’s Partner Program.


Leadpages helps agents build eye-catching landing pages that attract organic traffic to their website. Its drag-and-drop templates provide a simple way to create appealing digital designs.

Best Apps for Real Estate Marketing


Social media marketing is essential for real estate business growth. Apps like Buffer can help agents schedule their posts, analyze metrics, reply to social media comments, and more.

Palm Agent

This real estate marketing app allows agents to brand their content, monitor metrics, and even calculate financial information for buyers and sellers—and most of its features are free!

Best Real Estate Apps for Open Houses

Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro makes it easy to capture client names and information at the open house so agents can follow up afterward. It also helps agents generate leads, share listing details on social media, and more.

Home Design 3D

This nifty tool allows agents to show off their listing’s potential. Agents can design the floor plan to match the property and let clients customize it with their design preferences to visualize themselves in the home.

What is the Best Scheduling App for REALTORS®?


Hubspot lets agents schedule web and social media content, and they can also sync it with Google and Outlook calendars to help keep their meeting details organized.


This scheduling app helps you agents on top of meetings and important dates. As the business grows, use it to manage team meetings, forecast sales, monitor metrics, and generate leads.


This real estate app has many different features that can help real estate agents scale their businesses. Agents can manage their teams by scheduling meetings, tracking employee time, integrating payroll, and communicating within the app.

Real estate is a fast-paced, competitive industry. Work smarter, not harder, with the right real estate apps that help agents spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focused on building relationships and serving their clients.

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